Week of January 17, 2011...

Have you seen these? First, The John Butler Trio...

Ladies and Gentelmen, Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

PLACE YER' BETS!!! About last night: “Butch” gets a raise, but that’s not important right now... [From The Bayou this week... I love it... nothing gets folks fired-up more than an old-fashioned BISD "He Makes Too Much Money For What He Does" fight. Grab your pop-corn and put your feet up - we're gonna' have a show!]

YOUR WEEKLY FREAKOUT: Get Ready for $4.00 Gas!!! [Has anyone else noticed a spooky correlation between gas and milk prices? Aren't these renewable resources? Maybe it's just me...]

EATING IS HEALTHY: Wal-Mart's promise to offer healthier, cheaper foods -- what's not to like? [Aren't these the same guys offering cookies and cakes three for a dollar and a tiny salad for $4.99? Hmmm... Something is going on...]

WHAT, IS THIS FOOD WEEK? Who will swallow the new Starbucks bigger than your stomach?[31 ounces? Big whoop, I've seen coffee in 48 oz. cups that could put out camp fires. This is Beaumont, Texas, man... We're not above filling our trucks' tailgate with SeaPort and passing around a box of straws...]