Week of February 14, 2011

Top 10 Ways To Tell If It’s Valentines Day in Southeast Texas

1. Several middle aged men walking around with purse imprints in their foreheads.

2. You get “I heart U” text messages from people you don’t know.

3. Your local florist tries to pass off Tulips as "Texas Sized Roses".

4. Some stores have started taking bids on boxes of chocolate.

5. Three words: "Pink Baby Chickens"

6. The local drug store has a sale because it’s entire stock of chocolate hearts was stored next to the space heater.

7. Romance is symbolized by a bratty kid in a diaper who shoots you with sharpened sticks.

8. It’s the only time of the year when a Cardiologist is asked their thoughts on love.

9. There’s a blood drive.

10. Radio stations ignore two-thirds more requests for love songs.

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