Week of April 4, 2011

Food for thought...

The BAYOU is now officially the BEST BLOG IN TEXAS [CONGRATULATIONS, for winning your award... or something... 'not jealous at all... WHEEEEEE!!!! ]

According to the County Health Rankings, We're a pretty sickly group in Southeast East Texas...

Microsoft declares war on Google!

IMPOSSIBLE: Charlie Sheen's Live Show Bombs in Detroit

NOW I DON'T FEEL SO BAD... Most Underrated and Underpaid Jobs in America

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Sleep

OVER IN GREAT BRIT: FURIOUS gamers made ill by Nintendo's new 3DS console have been REFUSED full refunds.

Five Tragic Shost Towns of the Twentieth Century...

BIG OL' "DUH"... Barack Obama 2012 Campaign Officially Launches (VIDEO) [Gazing into my crystal ball, I see... wait, a cash stimulus check? I see big poll numbers, hmmmm...]

UMMM, LANCASTER, Pa. -- Police say a central Pennsylvania man called police after he gave a prostitute $25 but didn't get what he'd paid for.

UMMM, MADISON, Wis. -- A 70-year-old Wisconsin woman has been cited for letting her dog walk free down the street while she followed it in her car.

UMMM, LONDON (AP) - People in cities across the globe have taken part in mass pillow fights as part of International Pillow Fight Day.

UMMM, BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (AP) - A 16-year-old central Illinois girl has been given $150 in tickets after the worried victims of her April Fool's Day prank called police.