Week of April 25, 2011

THEY WANT TO GO "BATTLE FIELD" ON 'EM: Details Emerge About PlayStation Network Hack

NOW IF I WERE Betting on the Royal Wedding...

PUTTING THE EDGE BACK IN EDGY: Superman Defies God, USA in Action Comics’ Landmark 900th Issue


4-27-11 Tornado Tuscaloosa, Al from Crimson Tide Productions on Vimeo.

TO WISH, PER CHANCE TO DREAM??? Will "Chuck's" Luck finally run out?

HMMM, Celebrities' Real Names (Big List)

INFO-GRAPHIC!!!! The Cost Of Being Poor...

HAD TO HAPPEN SOMEDAY... UPDATED: The middle class is now too battered to shop at Wal-Mart [Some would argue that the middle is now lower-middle... that gap just keeps gettin' bigger...]