Week of June 20, 2011

Stange times to take time off, ain't it...

The Federal Communications Commission just released a substantial report on the state of media communications in the United States.

AN INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM LAST WEEK: Hi sluggo. Nice blog. I thought I'd alert you to what is likely to be an interesting issue for the people of Beaumont and surrounding areas in east/southeast Texas after the legislative session ends. Entergy Texas plans to move its electricity source from a group in Arkansas to a group in the Midwest. I was sceptical at first. But it seems, from my investigation, that this might actually be a good deal for people as it is projected to reduce electric bills for families. But I'm still looking into it. Power-grid regulators debate best way to balance costs

EVEN MORE WEINER'S WEENER: Will Durst: Weinergate [Best Laugh I've had all week...]

BEST ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Don't Tweet Your Meat!

IN CASE YOU NEED SOMETHING REAL TO WORRY ABOUT: The BP "Gulf Syndrome": Benzene and Corexit Poisoning ['could explain a few points of a discussion me and a few med-tech were having last week....]

Dating Site Causes Outrage by Dumping 30,000 Ugly People [Well, we can't all be beautiful...]

BACK FROM OCTOBER 2010: China stakes claim to S. Texas oil, gas

GAMES, ANYONE? Interceptor Entertainment has announced that it will be developing a remake of the classic Duke Nukem 3D, powered by the Unreal Engine 3

YET, EVEN MORE WEINER'S WEENER: NEW YORK (AP) - An online action figure company has jumped on the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal bandwagon with a doll of the New York congressman in two versions: censored and uncensored. [Are ya' kinda startin' to get the feelin' somebody had it in for this guy? How many folks did he hack-off on his way to the top???]

GOOD READING OF THE WEEK: Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things