Week of July 4, 2011

IRONIC IRONY OF THE WEEK: Happy Birthday, America! This says it all [It's a funny thing. Tuesday Morning, I push my trash can out to the road and look inside. Somebody ["F(%*&$&" kids across the street!!!] has dumped their stash of fresh fireworks inside, so avoid getting a Five trillion dollar fine, I removed said tossed explosives. I just wonder how many other folks had their trash filled with unpopped poppers for pick-up...]

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana Supreme Court may reconsider its ruling that eliminates the right of homeowners to resist unlawful police entry into their homes. [Hey! Happy 4th of July, Kids...]

FROM THE MAILBAG THIS WEEK: Hey Jesse, Stream this great new country station that Mickey Ashworth and I put together... Nothing but the best country and you can listen for hours without hearing the same tune twice! Sounds great in your car or truck through a Smart Phone! - Jim "King Of The Road" [Hail to the King, baby!!! That's a sweet deal...]

PERHAPS THE FENCES ARE TO KEEP US IN, HMMM? ...An important article in the New York Times reports that illegal Mexican migration to America has "sputtered to a trickle". According to Douglass Massey, a professor of sociology who co-directs Princeton's Mexican Migration Project, "a trickle" may overstate it...

CLOSING OF AN ERA, STARTING OF A NEW ONE... TITUSVILLE, Fla. — Standing on walls, in water, or in shoulder-to-shoulder crowds around Cape Canaveral, hundreds of thousands of onlookers cheered, cried and watched in awe as a space shuttle launched out of Earth for the last time.

SIGNS OF THE FUTURE: KTRH (Houston) fires drive time duo and Houston radio tracks farther to the right [I miss local radio... 'Waiting for the rise of the LP-FM's... and maybe evena few LP-AM stations wouldn't hurt either...]

WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBORS THINK: Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan -- a mother of 6, law-abiding citizen, and gardener -- is facing 93 days in jail after being charged with a misdemeanor. Her crime? Planting a vegetable garden in the front yard.

COOL SPACE NEWS: Supernovas Discovered to be the 'Creation-Machines' of the Cosmos

WELL, IF YOU THINK JEFFERSON COUNTY IS CHARGING TOO MUCH: States With The Worst Property Taxes [Infographic] [Remind me not to move to New Jersey...]

INTERESTING READING OF THE WEEK: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has agreed with Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, which said it would be able to use another power grid's transmission lines to integrate Entergy Corp's Gulf Coast utilities into its power grid.