Week of October 31, 2011

Ya' know... returning from the dead is never easy... As soon as they think you're dead - they try to shove you into the ground and heap tons of dirt on top of you... They didn't even bother to check for a pulse - just a waste of time...

I know, it has been a while. Just think of all the folks who forgot all about this little site. 'Thought, "I bet that's where old spam goes to die..." So, it's like this... I can blame (A) laziness, (B) Stress disorders, (C) Video game distractions, (D) Wine, women, and song, (E) an over abundance of low paying jobs, or (F) Me, myself, and I. I choose (G) All of the above.

With that thought in mind, let's light this rocket...

The Favorite Podcast HOTLIST

Bill Maher

NPR: Wait, wait, Don't Tell Me

NPR: Car Talk

NPR: Le Show

WBAI: Off the Hook

KUSP: Geek Speak

News From Lake Wobegone

The Nerdist

WTF Podcast

NPR: Wadda' Ya' Know

60 Minutes

BBC: Scottlands Best Bits

BBC 4: Best Comedy of the week

Dennis Miller Samples

Alex Joes Show