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Nope, I'm dead yet... just O.W.U.P.!

I am always amazed at the additional number of hours I am working compared to how much less pay I am making... Is this the new economy or just the current face of the profession I have chosen? I should have chosen the career my neighbor told me I would have been good at. She told me I should have been a Mortician because I reminded her of her late father and maybe she was right…

I suppose that proof of old age is really just being more self aware. It’s not that I’m falling apart – I think I have been falling apart for quite some time. It’s just as we get older, we seem to crawl around in our own heads more and start to notice a few more cracks in the foundation, to use a metaphor more apt to home repair. A little bit of paint, spackle, and a few quick strips of duct tape might just fix up this old house we call a body…

FCC upholds fine against a repeat New York pirate. Pirate radio operators’ stories are always colorful and the latest is no exception. The Enforcement Bureau has turned down a request by admitted pirate broadcaster Alexander Kissi. The FCC says he ran an unlicensed station at 96.5 FM in Bronx, NY detected by field agents in February and March 2008. That brought a $10,000 penalty. Kissi, who identifies himself as a bishop in the Universal African Brotherhood Ministries, asked the FCC for a “pardon” — something the FCC doesn’t often get. But oddly, the Enforcement Bureau says he followed that up with an explanation that he was out of town when field agents showed up and he wasn’t in charge of the station. He goes on to say that a construction worker stole his equipment and while he was testing it getting ready to sell the equipment, he mistakenly left it running for several days. Enforcement Bureau chief Michele Ellison says Kissi’s claims directly contradict what he admitted to in 2008 and note he previously ran a pirate station in 2002. The bottom line: the fine stands.

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department filed its first criminal charges related to the BP oil spill Tuesday, accusing a former company engineer of destroying records requested by prosecutors investigating the deadly 2010 oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

Hollywood producer and television legend Dick Clark died of a heart attack a day after having prostate surgery, according to a death certificate obtained by CNN.

A Virginia teacher has been charged with 12 felony counts after allegedly pulling a blank firing gun on his students and firing several times.

The VW Doubleback Van...

PINGS OF THE WEEK: limbaugh advertisers dropped